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Best Surf Spots in Malibu, CA

Ok, we’re biased! But we believe that southern California has some of the best surf spots in the world.  That’s right — good old SoCal! And even within SoCal, we think Malibu has some premier locations. Here’s a primer on some of the the best surf spots in Malibu, California.

But first, let’s make sure to place a great emphasis on surf etiquette.  Whether surfing in Malibu, or on Lake Michigan, surf etiquette is very important. Don’t drop in on another person’s wave. Don’t take too many waves if you’re on a SUP or a long board (just ‘cause you can catch every wave, doesn’t mean you should). And most importantly, keep the peace out there!  Enough said.
Here are some key spots:
Surfrider: Known as Malibu, the Point, the Pier, Surfrider; basically, these are all referring to old school Malibu.  This is great right, point break, with generally a nice slow wave.  Perfect for longboarding, you’ll often catch 3 or 4 riders on the same wave, but nowhere near each other.
Latigo: A great right, which is very SUP friendly. At low tide keep an eye out for the rocks. The wave is relatively mushy, and you can get some long rights. Make sure not to walk through the neighborhood! Pay some respect to the homeowners.
Point Dume: A great right, but hard to get do. Wonderfully protected from the wind.  (We’re purposely not telling you how to get to Little Dume!)
Westward:  Super fast beach break, lefts and rights, very, very technical. Be careful here or you’ll get hurt.
Zuma: Beach break, lots of lefts and rights, very spread out. Also a very technical wave. If you haven’t been here before, make sure to go at high tide when it’s softer.
Zeros (Nicholas Canyon):  An absolutely killer left. When it’s working, it’s working. Really working. A point break, but with different take off points.
Leo Carillo:  Spectacular right. Point break, but there is an inside cove. Very protected from the afternoon prevailing winds. Not SUP friendly.
County Line: Both a beach break an a point. Great spot, and pretty spread out. If you’re on a SUP, stay off the point, please. Good at mid-tide.
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