Kid’s Surf Lessons

SoCal Surfs Up offers surf lessons Malibu CA parents and their children will enjoy for a lifetime. Call us at 310-695-2492 to find out more about our surf lessons for kids. Surf lessons can be fun for the whole family!

It’s All About the Fun

Surf lessons Malibu CA kids of all ages can enjoy are ones that focus on fun. Because each child learns at a different pace, we tailor the lessons accordingly. Our surf instructors never push. We believe in keeping the experience positive. Parents and other family members are welcome to observe and to take photos. (We also offer lessons for parents who decide they want to learn too.)

If you have more than one child who would like to learn how to ride the waves, SoCal Surfs Up offers group lessons in addition to one-on-one instruction. More the merrier when it comes to Malibu surf lessons. We offer surf lessons for all abilities and ages over 6 who know how to swim.

Safety First

Parents can feel confident that our SoCal Surfs Up instructors always keep safety in mind. We never lose sight of our young students while in the water and we make sure that each lesson is appropriate for their ability level. Our highest priority is to introduce kids to the wonders of the ocean in a safe and supervised manner. When it comes to surf lessons Malibu CA families trust SoCal Surfs Up to help them make memories for a lifetime.

How It’s Done

SoCal Surfs Up loves teaching kids. Most tend to be natural swimmers and surfers because they lack the fear that many adults experience when learning to surf. When they’re in an environment that feels safe and enjoyable with confident instructors, more often than not they jump right into the lessons. With a few small waves under their belt, most blossom and are quickly hooked on the joy of surfing.

We begin with easy to understand instructions about ocean safety. From there we work with kids to get them comfortable being in the ocean and sitting on the surfboard in shallow water. Next, we introduce them to small waves. We don’t move forward until the child is ready and they set the lesson pace. At first, an instructor sits on the board with the child, taking a few very small waves. This is known as tandem surfing. As the child’s confidence grows with these guided lessons it’s not long before they want to try it on their own. After a few surf lessons Malibu CA children often look as if they’ve been surfing for years.

Older children who are more familiar with the water and want to be on their own surfboard are teamed with an instructor who stays by their side. Once again, we begin with small waves and only progress as the child demonstrates an appropriate ability level. SoCal Surfs Up is the right choice for surf lessons in Malibu CA.

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If your child has always wanted to learn how to surf, now is the time. SoCal Surfs Up offers surf lessons Malibu CA residents of all ages can enjoy– call 310-695-2492 to find out more.

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“Campbell is friendly, punctual, and easy going. A great vibe and instructor for a day of paddle boarding. I look forward to my next paddle board adventure with his rentals.”
Dianna N
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