sup-w-dogWe provide paddleboard lessons Santa Monica CA residents recommend. Our top SUP instructors offer paddleboard lessons year round to locals and visitors in the beautiful southern California ocean. If you want to have the SUP experience of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place.

Our instructors can help anyone learn how to SUP, regardless of age or experience level; we tailor our paddleboard lessons to each individual’s specific needs. All of our instructors have teaching knowledge and experience. We offer SUP lessons for beginners, intermediate paddleboarders, and even advanced paddleboarders. For any surf experience level, our instructors can provide valuable instruction and tips that can help paddleboarders learn to improve their SUP abilities. Not only do we offer private paddleboard lessons Malibu CA locals utilize, we also offer larger group lessons. We work with individuals in Santa Monica, Malibu and the surrounding Los Angeles area.

For beginners, we recommend using a longboard for its ease of use, along with a wetsuit to prevent chills or hypothermia. Our experienced instructors have proven techniques that will help you learn how to stand up and maneuver the ocean waves in no time! We are passionate about paddleboarding and love to share the thrill of this sport with clients. Our qualified instructors will walk you through safety tips and techniques, as your safety is our top priority.

Our team is passionate about sharing the joy of paddleboarding, and we want to share the beauty of our southern California ocean with you. When we provide SUP lessons and training in other beach and ocean activities, we share our enthusiasm for paddleboarding and the local beaches with all of those we instruct. Our compassionate, knowledgeable instructors will help develop our clients SUP skills, all while having fun. If you’ve been looking for paddleboard lessons Santa Monica CA has to offer, call us today to schedule a lesson with one of our awesome instructors.


Client Review

“GREAT LESSON. Very professional and courteous, much thanks to Coleman and team. Learned the lay of the land and felt comfortable the entire time. Lots of years in knowledge and experience.”
Tim M
Client Review