surf lesson Santa Monica CAIf you’ve been looking for surf lessons Santa Monica CA locals recommend, our company is the place for you. For those who’ve never tried surfing before, it may seem daunting. Our qualified and knowledgeable instructors can help those of all experience levels improve their surfing skills. Before you hit the waves during your surf lessons Santa Monica CA has to offer, the following tips may help those who want to develop a basic understanding of how to surf.

  • Practice on the ground first. If you’re a beginner, it may help to practice standing up on your surfboard on the ground so that you don’t get too frustrated trying to do so once you’re in the water. To start, lie with your stomach down and align your body along the middle of the board. From here, it may help to practice a paddling motion to help get a sense of what muscles you’ll be working.
  • Practice standing up. Oftentimes, beginners find “popping up” on the wave and standing on their board to be quite difficult, so practicing on solid ground first may help. Once you are lying stomach-down on your board, place your palms down on the board underneath your chest, wrapping your fingers slightly around the edge of the board. In a single, quick motion, use your arm strength to press your body off of the board and tuck your legs and feet underneath you. Place one foot in the front-middle section of the surfboard, and one foot a shoulder’s length behind that.
  • Practice proper standing form. Once you’re standing on the surfboard, keep your feet planted firmly, your knees bent and your arms spread wide. As you will learn during your surf lessons Santa Monica CA residents rely on for skill improvement, leaning your torso forward while you stand will help lower your center of gravity.
  • Get comfortable in the water. If you haven’t spent a lot of time in the ocean or on a surfboard, it may be helpful to practice paddling around in the water to help find your “sweet spot” on the board. To maximize your paddling, use long, deep strokes.

Even if you have never surfed before, turn to us for surf lessons Santa Monica CA locals utilize to become comfortable in the water!

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“Campbell is friendly, punctual, and easy going. A great vibe and instructor for a day of paddle boarding. I look forward to my next paddle board adventure with his rentals.”
Dianna N
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