SUP lessons Malibu CAIf you have been thinking that it might finally be the time to try SUP lessons Malibu CA residents recommend, or are looking for reliable instructors to help you hone your existing skills, we can help!  The stand up paddleboard (SUP) craze that has been sweeping beaches all over the world is a great way to explore and enjoy all the beauty that the California coastline has to offer.  It is also a great way to help get your body and mind in the condition that you desire them to be.  Whether you are a beginner who has never SUPed before or someone who regularly enjoys paddling, contact Stoked Lessons for an epic stand up paddle board experience!

Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors at Stoked Lessons, provide SUP lessons Malibu CA community members have been enjoying for years.  They have the skills and expertise to safely teach novices to intermediates, all the way on up to the most advanced SUPers who have travelled the world on their boards.   We are a dynamic group of instructors who have a passion for sharing the Pacific Ocean with their students in a safe and fun manner.  We have individual and all-sized group lessons to meet your all your stand up paddle boarding needs.  Contact us now to find out more about SUP lessons Malibu CA visitors and residents alike, are talking and tweeting about.

Examples of what you learn while SUPing with Stoked Lessons:

  • Safety A comprehensive demonstration of safety lessons with practice on the beach until you are comfortable hitting the water with your board.  For experts, this will be a quick review of techniques you probably already utilise.
  • Standing Up One of the hardest parts of stand up paddle boarding is learning to stand up on the board.  We will teach you to stand up with good form and to stay up while having a great time!
  • Maneuvering A great thing about SUPing is that the boards are so large and stable, you will most likely feel comfortable on them soon after you are standing up.  Because they are comfortable and stable, stand up paddle boards can be tough to maneuver.  Our fun and dedicated instructors will teach you a wide array of techniques and moves to help you feel like your stand up paddle board is your home away from home.

The time has never been a better one than now if you have been wanting to try the SUP lessons Malibu CA people have been getting hooked on for years!

Equipment Basics:

  • Stand Up Paddle Board Much like surfboards, SUP boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  At four to five inches in thickness, paddle boards tend to be much thicker than than typical surfboards.  At 8 to 12 feet in length, they are similar to a longboard that is used for surfing.  Their 28 to 32 inch widths tend to be a little wider than the the typical longboard.
  • Paddles A variety of materials can be used to make SUP paddles.  Wood, aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber are often make-up part of a SUP paddles’ composition.  Generally, SUP paddles should be 6 to 10 inches taller than the person who SUPs.
  • Leash Much like you would not like your dog running away from you to join his/her friends at the park, you do not want your SUP to glide off into the blue beyond.  A stand up paddle boards’ leash is permanently anchored to the board and can be strapped onto your ankle (usually) with a velcro cuff, to keep you and your board close.

If you have been wanting to try stand up paddle boarding or simply want to improve your existing skills, now is the time!  Contact us at Stoked Lessons to schedule the SUP lessons Malibu CA visitors and residents are raving about.

Client Review

“Made the experience very fun and enjoyable! Very knowledgeable and understanding of different learning styles.”
Randall R
Client Review