Surf Lessons Santa Monica Good morning and welcome to socalsurfsup first talk about surf lessons in Santa Monica California. One of the first questions for a beginner is what type of board to use? A  short board, longboard, fish, standup paddleboard or a soft top board. You will start with a soft top board at the first step. Then you will transition to a long board then a fun board then either a short board or a sup or a stand up paddle boarding or paddleboard.  And most of your first surf lesson in Santa Monica Will be learning about the conditions and water safety. In order to become successful with self-sufficient and excellent waterman skills. Then our students will be able to purchase their own surfboard and be ready to surf by themselves some day soon.

Santa Monica  offers White sandy beach that are excellent for learning surfing on. While surfing in Santa Monica, you will discover many other fun and excellent activities. Often local wildlife whether it be pelicans or seagulls or dolphins and whales will punctuate your surfing lifestyle here in Santa Monica California. Many celebrities surf  in Santa Monica Monday through Friday. You will have to be in earlybird to catch them. As we teach you to become a real surfer, you will learn that Surfing! is a year-round activity.

Often times you will find Santa Monica locals surfing on cloudy, rainy days, and in the winter. Surfing in the warm summer is fun, not having leaves during the winter will lead to withdrawals,  surfers need to practice their surfing three days a week, just like any other sport. When you are away from the ocean, be sure to practice your swimming, and any other balance oriented sport you enjoy so you are cross training to help your balance and cardio so you are strong in the water. Are you provide surfboards and wetsuits for your surf lessons in Santa Monica. Often times in the summer you will not need a wetsuit. One thing you will need lots of is  sunscreen. The spray on stuff seems to work the best.

Please remember to reapply during your surf lesson day. Would you like to bring your friend along for your surf lesson? We provide group lessons and individual and semi private lessons here in Santa Monica California. The most important thing to bring is very positive attitude and a smile on your face you will find your instructors here get a great pleasure from seeing you leave with a smile on your face.

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“Made the experience very fun and enjoyable! Very knowledgeable and understanding of different learning styles.”
Randall R
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