Surfing The RanchColeman Metts, has great experience surfing Santa Barbara Bixby / Hollister Ranch. A 14,500 acre private ranch located in Santa Barbara County, California,  Although the ranch was subdivided into 100-acre lots in the 1970’s, most of the land remains undeveloped and is used for cattle grazing. Thus Coleman Metts via socalsurfsup provides students with access to the best surfing instructor in the world. Take a trip back in time. Cows, Wild Boar, and deer are in  the hills of private rancheros. Near Jalama campground , The Ranch is what our California Coast looked like before urban sprawl, cars, freeways, and development.

Access to The Ranch is denied to the American public violating the public trust rights of all sup surfers and surfing lovers. Private security guards patrol the property hunting trespassers.  The train tracks run parallel to the beach were once a popular route for surfers to make their way into surfing Ranch. But the tracks are now patrolled with security. As California coastal law dictates that everything along the coast is public below the “mean high tide line, really you only has a few options to surf the ranch, Have a friend who owns a home, or, Boat into the surf zone. There are only a few houses on the ranch, and I do not have any friends there, so we take a boat in.  The Gaviota Pier is the closest spot for launching a boat, or leave from Ventura or Oxnard harbor.Spots to surf at the Hollister /  Bixby Ranch :Government Point , a very long rocky right point break.  Perko’s A very good summer break , picks up south swell. Cojo Point & Reef,  For sure the best wave at the Ranch. Picks both big winter and summer swells. St. Augustine’s – Just an OK wave, has both rights and lefts on summer south swells. Drakes, long right point break.  The point will hold big west swells also works up to double overhead. Razor Blades, The name comes from the sharp rocks that surround the beach. This is the first spot to get to by boat from the Gaviota launch pier,  Will take a big west or northwest swell.

So by now you see that surfing the ranch is a summer activity. You need a good guide with lots of resources, a great boat, and lots of time for the customer of, although I did hike in once when I was younger, but that’s a story for another time.

Client Review

“GREAT LESSON. Very professional and courteous, much thanks to Coleman and team. Learned the lay of the land and felt comfortable the entire time. Lots of years in knowledge and experience.”
Tim M
Client Review