Paddleboard Lessons

Paddle boarding has become one of the fastest growing water sports around the country and paddle board lesson Malibu CA provides has become one of the most popular ways to learn. Stand up paddle boarding is not only fun for all ages, but it’s a sport that the whole family can do together! Whether you’re looking for a leisurely paddle or a full body workout, the Malibu paddle board lesson at SoCal Surfs Up will provide you with knowledge and experience you’ll need to enjoy SUP.

What Is SUP?

Stand Up Paddle – SUP for short – originated from Hawaii in modern times; however, history reveals that it does have ancient roots, going back centuries. The sport is essentially a cross between paddling and surfing. Participants stand on a surf-style board and use a long paddle to maneuver. Originally used on the ocean, SUP can also be done on flat water surfaces, like lakes and rivers, because you don’t need waves to move the board — although people who take paddle board lesson in Malibu CA may say that the ocean waves make stand up paddling twice as fun!

One of the many things that are taught during paddle board lesson Malibu CA offers is what the parts of a paddleboard are, such as:

  • Nose: This is the tip or the front of the paddleboard;
  • Deck: The section of the paddleboard that you stand on is referred to as the deck. The deck can be curved or flat;
  • Tail: This is the back of the paddleboard;
  • Rocker: The rocker is the curve that the paddleboard has from the nose to the tail;
  • Rails: The edges or sides of a paddleboard;
  • Fins: There are fins on the bottom of paddleboards, similar to those on surf boards;
  • Deck pad: Surfers use wax on surfboards in order to have the friction they need to stay on the board, but since paddle board riders usually on for a much longer period of time, paddleboards have rubber or foam to stand on; and
  • Leash and leash cup: A leash runs from the leash cup attached to the tail and is placed around the rider’s ankle.

Paddle board lesson Malibu CA residents enjoy is a good way to get started when you want to begin this fun sport. Along with the popularity of the sport, there has been an explosion of styles and types of boards and other equipment. Taking paddle board lesson at an established Malibu shop will help you to learn the sport and to try out different types of boards to see what you prefer before actually purchasing your own.

Come Try Paddle board Lessons Malibu CA Residents Recommend

If you think that SUP is a sport you want to learn, SoCal Surfs Up is the place for you. Whether you are brand new to the sport or you’ve taken some time off and feel a little rusty, our experienced instructors can go over the training and techniques you need to know in order to safely enjoy paddle boarding.

Call for more information, or to set up an appointment for paddle board lesson Malibu CA residents love, contact us today at (424)234-2608.

Client Review

“GREAT LESSON. Very professional and courteous, much thanks to Coleman and team. Learned the lay of the land and felt comfortable the entire time. Lots of years in knowledge and experience.”
Tim M
Client Review