Paddleboard Lessons MalibuI am the best stand up paddleboard instructor in Malibu.

I am also the best surfing instructor in the Malibu area. My favorite thing to do when teaching stand up paddle boarding is someone who comes to me who is not in shape and has never been on a stand up paddling surfboard before. It brings me great joy to see someone succeed in achieving their dreams of being on the ocean. Another great joy for this wonderful surfing instructor is showing beginners something new like seeing whales or dolphins for the first time. That type of joy is what motivates me to continuing providing this opportunity for new people to begin a lifelong love and appreciation for the ocean and all the creatures that live in it.

Teaching beginners sure instruction is a multi step process. With one lesson leading to the next. How long does it takes to learn? Sometimes being a great surf instructor knows what conditions are appropriate for beginners to be in. Whenever there is a huge swell, you must not take beginners out into big waves where they don’t have any familiarization in the baby steps that took place in smaller waves. So my approach to beginners and both Surfing and stand up paddle boarding and standup paddleboarding is to place them in appropriate ocean conditions. By gradually building up A beginners confidence they are placed on a lifelong understanding of keeping themselves safe on an ever-changing ocean.

Some fun places to begin searching are in the Malibu area, and some wonderful opportunities exist in Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina Del Rey. Seeing dolphins while taking lessons is a fairly common experience along the Los Angeles coast line. Going for long Journeys in Malibu provide even more opportunities to see pods of dolphins sometimes in the hundreds. One of my greater joy’s on the ocean is stand up paddle boarding and surfing with whales. I once got to spend an hour with a very friendly whale in Venice California and marina del Rey area. While in Malibu the whales I have seen are migrating up the coast,  and don’t have time to hang out and play around. But the friendly whale be in Marina Del Rey hung out for about a week and was very inquisitive, coming up and looking at me often.

If you would like some of the magic of stand up paddle boarding and surfing in your life call the best surf instructor and sup instructor and stand up paddle board teacher in malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, and Palos Verdes. For your first lesson call me immediately.

Client Review

“GREAT LESSON. Very professional and courteous, much thanks to Coleman and team. Learned the lay of the land and felt comfortable the entire time. Lots of years in knowledge and experience.”
Tim M
Client Review