Sup Lessons Santa MonicaHello, and welcome to your first step in to the magical world of Sup lessons in Santa Monica. Home to the world famous Santa Monica pier with activities for millennials and families alike. Your sup lesson will take place among the most gorgeous and fun beaches in Santa Monica California.  With Gorgeous women and men in bikinis skating and bicycling past your first steps into the sparkling ocean. Your sup lesson will then proceed past the volleyball courts with professional volleyball teams practicing for upcoming volleyball tournaments.

As we approach the ocean your sup lesson will include lots of local information regarding the conditions surrounding us, including the wind, and swell direction also the direction of local currents surrounding your first sup lesson with an experienced professional sup teacher instructor and guide.  Are you ready to watch dolphins going by? Smile and wave sometimes the Dolphins will pop out of the water and look at you. Other times they are playful and interested in our sup lesson. Other times they are hurrying by up the coast. Your sup lessons take incremental steps. Your first sup lesson will not be as long as later excursions as you build up your endurance and sea legs and your understanding of the environment and its effects around you. Would you like your first sup lesson to be among the beautiful private beaches of Santa Monica California? Well you have come to the right place.  

There are a number of things each student should bring. Outfits they’re OK getting wet in like surf trunks and rash guards, also they should be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and remember to reapply often. sunglasses are not recommended on the ocean as they have a tendency to collect a salty build up phill be sure to bring sandals for the walk across the hot sand to get to the ocean water. You will not need a wetsuit most of the time, but if necessary we can provide you with a comfortable wetsuit for your sup lesson. After your first tour in Malibu, you will be headed toward self sufficiency and approaching the ability to rent or purchase boards for yourself and go without and instructor in the future. This ability for you to become self-sufficient after sup lessons from us is what separates us from other sup instructors, we want to see you become a local and a regular at the beach.

Client Review

“GREAT LESSON. Very professional and courteous, much thanks to Coleman and team. Learned the lay of the land and felt comfortable the entire time. Lots of years in knowledge and experience.”
Tim M
Client Review