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Celebrities from Jennifer Aniston to Matthew McConaughy have been enjoying paddle board lessons Malibu CA residents and visitors have come to rave about.  You’ve seen it in the ocean, you’ve seen it in marinas, you’ve seen it on lakes: people are standing up and paddling on boards that look like they are supposed to be surfed on.  Whether you have simply seen this sport on t.v., or your neighbors and best friends are raving about it, people of all ages and levels of fitness are enjoying this great sport.  

Whether you are more of a team player or solo maverick, paddle boarding can be for you.  You can paddle board in groups, you can paddle board on your own.  You can leave your worries at home when you begin paddle board lessons Malibu CA celebrities and locals can’t get enough of.  

Whether you have barely been in the ocean before, or are an advanced SUPer, paddle boarding is a great way to get out on the water.  While getting a full body workout, you can see the sites while in coves and harbors, and out on the ocean, lakes and rivers.  Top athletes and your Aunt Edna alike, agree that paddle boarding is a fun cross-training activity.  With a minimum of equipment, you can explore our coastal waters while getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.  For a great workout without feeling like you are “working out”, come to SUP with Stoked Lessons for the paddle board lessons Malibu CA that everyone is raving about.

Prior to the stand up paddle boarding that is attributed to originating in the Hawaiian islands starting in the 16th century, paddle boarding roots can be traced back to Africa.  Warriors would stand up in their canoes while propelling themselves forward with their paddles to make stealth attacks.  From these old days of military tactics to the more recent days of SUP competitions and races, SUP has many practical uses.  

If you are comfortable and adept on your stand up paddle board in addition to being an experienced swimmer, you can use it as a way to lifeguard a small group.  With the advantage of standing up in the water on a fairly stable surface, you have a much better vantage point than if you were standing on the beach.  In the unfortunate event that you see a swimmer in distress, you can propel yourself quickly towards them and provide them with a safe surface to rest on.   To learn this wonderful and practical sport, sign up for paddle board lessons Malibu CA indigenous people would have raved about had they had the opportunity to learn this from an experienced instructor like those found at Stoked Lessons.

If you are looking for more of a Zen experience over a “practical” one, stand up paddle boarding is also for you.  While we cannot promise that you will not inadvertently get a great workout in the process, you can rest, meditate or even do yoga while on your stand up paddle board.  Imagine paddling to a secluded and sheltered cove and lying down for a siesta with only the noise of the water lapping at the shores and ocean life around you.  If you’ve ever gone down to the beach to meditate at sunrise or sunset, think of how amazing it would feel to meditate while on the surface of the water while facing the horizon.  If yoga is more your thing, while you might be compelled to rename your Downward Dog to Downward Dolphin, many of the positive effects of poses you do on land, will only be heightened by the extra balancing that the gentle mobility the movement of the water underneath you provides.

No matter what your reason for wanting to try it, now is the time to try the paddle board lessons Malibu CA celebrities and visitors are raving about.

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“Campbell is friendly, punctual, and easy going. A great vibe and instructor for a day of paddle boarding. I look forward to my next paddle board adventure with his rentals.”
Dianna N
Client Review