Killer Paddleboard Rental in Los Angeles, CA

Paddleboard Rental Los Angeles, CAIf you’ve been wanting to try it or have already been swept up by the tide of people who now love this killer sport, contact the paddleboard rental Los Angeles, CA locals and visitors recommend, SoCal Surf & SUP.

We have a range of different boards, paddles and other gear to help you safely enjoy this trending sport. In addition to paddleboards we have an excellent selection of surfboards and surf gear. If you are new to paddleboarding and/or surfing, or are already an enthusiast who wants to up their game, we also offer individual and group instruction for most ages and levels.

SUP stands for stand up paddleboard or stand up paddleboarding. Some people use paddleboards to kneel on or even sit on, rather than standing up. A key difference between paddleboarding and surfing is that in paddleboarding, a paddle is used to propel and maneuver the board to glide over the water and waves whereas in surfing the arms are used for paddling to catch a wave but once a surfer stands up on a wave, they use their legs and core to maneuver the board for the ride. Once a surfer is standing up and riding a wave, their hands and arms are mainly used for balance rather than for propulsion.

Along with being a fun and relaxing sport that you can do on your own or with a group, a great thing about SUP is that it gives you an almost entire body workout. In addition to using your hands and arms in conjunction with the paddle to propel and steer yourself, you use your legs and core to maintain your balance while on the water. A SUP is significantly easier to stand up and balance on compared to a traditional surfboard but SUP still provides an excellent work out.

If you are looking for a killer place to rent a paddleboard when you are in Los Angeles, CA, contact SoCal Surf & SUP for all your SUP and surfing needs!