Awesome Paddleboard Rental in Santa Monica, CA

Paddleboard Rental Santa Monica, CAIf you are looking for an awesome place to rent a paddle board, come visit the friendly team at the paddleboard rental Santa Monica, CA paddleboarders recommend, SoCal Surf & SUP. We have a variety of paddleboards and gear suitable for beginner to advanced boarders.

Whether you are someone who has never dipped a toe in the Pacific Ocean- or have been enjoying this awesome sport for years and just want to try something new, we can get you suited up with great gear.

We offer private and small group lessons for all levels of paddle boarders. If you are wondering what level you are in the world of paddle boarding, the following contains a brief descriptions of what skills and experiences would likely classify you as a:

First-Timer You are obviously a first-timer if you’ve never tried paddle boarding before but many instructors would also consider you a first-timer even if you had had some limited experience with paddling but no formal lesson/s.

Beginner If you already know that you have the ability to turn and stop while paddleboarding, along with the ability to launch and land but have mostly flatwater experiences, you would likely be considered a beginner. It is also important for qualifying as a beginner to have the experience and ability to manage small boat wakes and to maintain board control in winds up to about 12 mph.

Intermediate If you have had more than a few experiences paddling in the ocean in a variety of conditions, and can demonstrate advanced board control skills for acceleration, turns and board walking, you will likely be considered an intermediate boarder. As well, you should be comfortable launching in 3’ surf and/or moderately moving currents.

Advanced Depending on age and skill levels, people with at least two years of paddling experience, who are comfortable launching in all conditions with 3’+ surf, large wind waves, and strong currents, will likely be categorized as advanced.

Regardless of your experience, if you are looking for an awesome place for a paddleboard rental or lessons in Santa Monica, CA, contact the friendly team at SoCal Surf & SUP today!