Public access to Paradise Cove and little Dume Public access to the coastline has been challenged recently with lawsuits saying United States citizens rights are being denied due to public being denied access to public lands. United States Constitution is based on English common law and further back by Roman law , which was borrowed someone from the Greeks. Where the public was heavily dependent upon the resources of the ocean. Roman common law and English common law laws of nature, and divine providence.

Malibu Paradise Cove and little Dume are addressing long-standing grievances that are finally being resolved. One of the main areas of litigation of the lawsuit was was paradise cove charging between $20-$55 a day for a beach access. Constitutional right to American citizens grandparents and grandchildren, surfers and lovers young and old rich and poor also Democrats and Republicans both liberals and conservatives. Because as we all know a right denied to one group is a right denied to all groups.

The California coastal commission threatened fines at a maximum $11,250 a day to Kissel Company operating as Paradise Cove Land Company for blocking public access to the Gorgeous coastline of Malibu including Paradise Cove area and little Dume area. Some other lawsuits include Malibu Colony Beach, access to the public. That fight has been going on for decades. While Many Americans no longer depend upon subsistence level fishing fishing for their livelihood, The recreational use of Paradise Cove and little Dume are closely and undeniably bonded with same main focus of the coastal area as the ancient Greeks.

That common theme is the tide and location upon the land. That is the legal framework of the lawsuits. In the united states , the state owns the property. Therefore no one can Deny the state it’s property rights without due process of the law. That’s why putting up fences, fake walls, fake no parking signs, fake security guards, are destined to fail when Lawsuits protecting state property rights finally come to litigation. Ultimately weight of the state is brought to bear, the criminals will be brought to justice. And The standup paddle borders and Surfers with their families Will be granted undeniable laws of nature and common theme of those ancient humans who were dependent on resources of the sea and in the name of divine providence. So when with your constitutional rights being restored with these lawsuits, go out and get your divine rights exercised ASAP.