Surf Instruction in Los Angeles, CA

Surf Instructor Los Angeles, CAWhether you are an advanced surfer or have never even set foot in the Pacific Ocean before, taking a lesson from a surf instructor Los Angeles, CA surfers and visitors alike recommend, may change your life. Many people find that knowing how to surf has made a positive impact and difference in their lives compared to their lives and how they felt before they found surfing. We have yet to meet anyone who already knew how to surf and then upped their technical skills that regretted this move.

Los Angeles Surf Instructors

For a seasoned and passionate surf instructor in Los Angeles CA for an affordable price, contact the friendly team at SoCal Surf & SUP. We offer surf lessons for all levels and ages. Whether you are looking for surf lessons for yourself, a friend or family, contact us today. 

The founding members of SoCal Surf & SUP and their instructors live and breathe surfing and paddleboarding. They want to share the thrill of catching a wave and riding it until it ends. If paddling in smooth waters beyond the breakwater and to be able to go “sight-seeing” to see Southern California’s beautiful coastline and coastal wildlife from the perspective of the ocean appeals to you, we will teach and guide you to be able to do this safely.

To ensure the safety of our students, we start our instructions on the land. We do not hit the water until we know they are comfortable and we know that they will be safe once they are there.

Good For Body, Mind & Soul

Not only is surfing great for your body because of the exercise you get while you are doing it, most people who surf say that it is good for calming and relaxing them. Engaging the body and mind while surfing is often uplifting for the soul.

For a great surf instructor Los Angeles, CA surfers are glad they got a chance to learn from, contact SoCal Surf & SUP.