Awesome Surf School in Venice, CA

Surf School Venice, CAIf you are looking for an awesome surf school Venice, CA visitors, and residents recommend, contact SoCal Surf & SUP to find out how to get stoked with our awesome instructors and into the water. It does not matter how old you are to be grabbed by surfing and its chaka lifestyle surrounded by beautiful skies, oceans, and their landscapes. Surfers up and down Southern California’s beautiful coast rave about SoCal Surf & SUP’s awesome surf school that gives instruction to all levels of surfers.

Whether you have never been in the Pacific Ocean before, let alone tried to surf in it, or you are a regular visitor to its awesome surf spots and just want to up your surfing game with pointers and instructions from some of the best in the biz, contact SoCal Surf & SUP. We offer a fantastic range of services so that people of all ages and levels of experience can enjoy our surf school and getting in the beautiful Big Blue aka, the Pacific Ocean. 

Surf Instructions & Gear, All Here

SoCal Surf & SUP not only has top-notch surfboards and gear for surf students to use, we also rent these on their own even if you are not a participant in our surf school. Whether you are feeling comfortable enough to go at it on your own and haven’t gotten to the point of wanting to make an investment in a surfboard and wetsuit, etc. or if you have your own and just want to try different brands and styles of boards and gear, SoCal Surf & SUP is proud of our awesome selection of top-notch surfboards and gear we have for rent.

If you are looking for an awesome surf school in Venice, CA call the friendly team at SoCal Surf & SUP today.