Surfboard Rental at Dockweiler, CA

Surfboard Rental Dockweiler, CAIf you want to rent a surfboard in Southern California, a great surfboard rental Dockweiler, CA surfers recommend is SoCal Surf & SUP. Whether you are brand new to surfing or you are already in love with this awesome sport, SoCal Surf & SUP has surf and stand up paddle board gear for participants of all ages and levels. In addition to gear rental, our team of soul surfing instructors are available for group and individual lessons.

Surfing vs. SUP
When it comes to surfing versus SUP (stand up paddleboarding)  both are great ways to spend time in the ocean, and both forms of boarding provide great workouts that can be both invigorating and relaxing all, at the same time.

A key difference between these two awesome sports is that SUP uses a paddle to move and maneuver in the water while a surfer uses their body to do this by paddling out in the surf with their hands, then shifting their weight (with their legs and core) to move the board while riding a wave. 

Another big difference between the two similar but different sports is the size of the boards that are used. SUP boards are much bigger. They are usually about 14 feet long and relative to surfboards, are overall thicker and heavier (they are designed this way, it is not just because they are longer than the typical surfboard.) Most surfboards these days range in size from about five to nine feet long. The differences between the design of the boards is that SUP boards are meant to glide over waves and in general, perform better in stable water whereas surfboards are meant to ride on or with waves, and they need greater mobility to do this.

If you are looking for a killer surfboard & SUP rental place at Dockweiler Beach, CA, contact SoCal Surf & SUP today!