Surfboard Rental in Los Angeles, CA

Surfboard Rental in Los Angeles, CAIf you are interested in hitting the waves with an awesome surfboard rental Los Angeles, CA surfers and visitors recommend, contact the knowledgeable team at SoCal Surf & SUP for all your surfboard and gear rental needs. SoCal Surf & SUP was founded by soul surfers who fell in love with all versions of this killer sport and never looked back- except when trying to catch a wave!

It does not matter if you’ve never set foot in the Pacific Ocean or if you are already an avid surfer, SoCal Surf & SUP has gear suitable for rental for most ages and abilities, including very beginners and on up to top level surfers with years of experience.

If you are just curious about joining the thousands of surfers who flock to Southern California’s beautiful coastline to enjoy the waves year round but don’t know where to start, start with a surfboard rental in Los Angeles at SoCal Surf & SUP. As well, we offer introductory – advanced classes and private lessons with our awesome, experienced instructors. 

Tips for Beginners

Learn on Land A key thing we help beginning surfers with is learning how to handle their boards and the moves that surfers need to make to catch and enjoy riding a wave safely, while still on the sand. SoCal Surf & SUP makes sure our beginners know what to do and are comfortable doing it safely before hitting the waves.

Float Easier With a Foam Board and Wetsuit
If you haven’t tried to surf before or have only tried it on a surfboard made of fiberglass, wood or other harder and heavier materials, try using a larger and lighter foam board because they are easier to maneuver and balance on. And even though there are times of the year when you don’t need a wetsuit to comfortably get in the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, they are buoyant and help you float. 

Many beginners appreciate the sense of security a foam board and wetsuit provide. 

If you are looking for an awesome surfboard rental place and/or surf lessons in Los Angeles, CA, contact SoCal Surf & SUP today.