Surfboard Rental in Los Angeles

Surfboard Rental Los AngelesIf you are looking for surf lessons or for a surfboard rental Los Angeles visitors and residents alike highly recommend, SoCal Surf & SUP is ready to help you with all of your surf needs.

Whether this is your first time in the Pacific Ocean or if you are already an avid surfer and are just looking to try out new gear and/or get some tips from top level, California soul surfers, SoCal Surf & SUP can help you out. 


No matter what your level of surfing ability, safety is a primary concern for the dedicated team at SoCal Surf & SUP. We make sure that all of our renters and students know safety guidelines and are capable of implementing them if needed. We give special attention and care to make sure that our beginning surfers feel safe and confident before they hit the water with their boards by starting beginner lessons on the land until students are comfortable enough to try their new moves in the actual surf.


We have a range of gear for surfers of all levels and for all ages. Many people who have never been surfing before prefer a soft surfboard because they are made of a much lighter and softer material compared to what traditional surfboards are made of. We can help make recommendations for whether or not a soft board is right for you. As well, we can help you to determine what length board is best for you. Many beginners also prefer a longer, soft surfboard because it can be easier to stand and learn how to balance than when you are on a smaller board.

If you are looking for a top level surfboard rental Los Angeles surfers of all skill levels recommend, contact SoCal Surf & SUP today.