Surfboard Rental in Malibu, CA

Surfboard Rental Malibu, CAIf you want to rent a surfboard in Malibu, look no further than SoCal Surf & SUP for a killer surfboard rental Malibu, CA surfers recommend. For very beginners on up to advanced surfers, we’ve got excellent surfboards and surf gear for kids and adults. If you’ve ever seen surfers dotting Southern California’s beautiful coastline in movies or in real life and wondered why people do it, now is the perfect time to try it. 

Surfboards for Beginners
It does not matter if you have never surfed before or even if you’ve never put a toe in the Pacific Ocean, we have gear that is especially designed for beginners. We have foam boards that are bigger but much lighter in weight than most regular surfboards. These are easier to maneuver and balance on and new surfers often prefer using them in order to help them while they get their “surfer legs.” Once they start to feel like their board is just another part of them that needs to be put into motion to catch a sweet ride on an awesome wave, is when many beginners graduate to one of the many different styles of surfboards that are out there.

Surfboards for All Levels
In addition to surfboards that are geared towards beginners, we have top of the line boards and surf gear for surfers of all levels. Many Malibu surfers who have plenty of their own gear, rent from us in order to try out new brands and styles. Call us if you are looking for a particular board or kind of gear.

All Kinds of Boards
In addition to a range of excellent surfboards, we also have a great collection of different paddle boards for rent.

We Also Have Surf Instructors
In addition to great gear and boards, SoCal Surf & SUP has an awesome team of instructors who can teach you how to surf or paddle in private and in group lessons.

If you are looking for a great rental place to rent a surfboard in Malibu, CA contact SoCal Surf & SUP today.