Malibu Surfboard Rentals

Surfboard Rental MalibuIf you are looking to rent a surfboard in or around Malibu, try a surfboard rental Malibu surfers and visitors recommend, such as SoCal Surf & SUP. We have a wide selection of top notch surfboard and gear rentals for surfers of all levels. 

Rentals for Beginners

Our wide range of surfboard rentals have plenty of boards that are well suited to beginners. These include 

foam “doyles” for first time and beginner surfers. They are bigger yet lighter and much easier to maneuver compared to traditional boards. Once you are comfortable in the water with one of these, most people like to graduate to a variety of boards from short to longboards, as well as paddle boards. The different sizes and styles of boards are used for different kinds of waves and breaks as well as for different styles of surfing and current surfing trends.

Start on Sand 

Get used to your board and the different kinds of maneuvers and movements you are going to need to do on the sand, before you get in the water. It is easier to do these on land and it’s a good idea to get comfortable with the feel of your board before you hit the waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean. 

A good way to start doing this is to put your board on the sand and lie down on it as centered as you can. 

Practice paddling motions with your arms and grabbing the board with your hands to push yourself up to look around.

Practice standing up on the board and getting the proper forms to “pop-up” and stand while also using your arms for balance while you are upright and riding a wave.

A great way to learn to surf is through lessons. SoCal Surf & SUP has a team of dedicated instructors for all levels.

If you are looking for a highly rated surfboard rental in Malibu, contact SoCal Surf & SUP.