Surfboard Rental in Santa Monica, CA

Surfboard Rental Santa Monica, CAIf you are interested in a surfboard rental Santa Monica, CA surfers and visitors recommend, contact the awesome team at SoCal Surf & SUP. We have surfboards, paddle boards and the gear you need to get you into the surf of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. 

Whether you’ve never set a foot in the Pacific Ocean or if you already know how to surf but don’t have all the gear you need or you just don’t want to lug it all to the beach and back, SoCal Surf & SUP can outfit you to be able to join the thousands of happy surfers that dot Southern California’s Pacific coastline.

Surfboards for Beginners
Europeans on a ship in the waters that surround Tahiti first recorded sightings of surfers in the second half of the 18th century but modern research suggests that surfing dates far back to the ancient Polynesians- and the likelihood of surfing without a board dates back to as long as humans have known how to swim and there have been waves.

The earliest surfboards were made out of wood but if the Polynesians had had foam boards to learn how to surf on, they most likely would have chosen these over the large, heavy and cumbersome, crude wood boards that fashioned to ride the surf.

SoCal Surf & SUP has a great selection of foam boards that beginners and even intermediate surfers prefer. Foam boards tend to be larger than many of today’s popular styles but are much lighter in weight and easier to balance on compared to these smaller surf boards.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced surfer or someplace in between, SoCal Surf & SUP has all the gear you need for all kinds of Pacific Ocean surfing.

If you are looking for an awesome place for a surfboard rental in Santa Monica, CA, contact SoCal Surf & SUP for all your surfboard rental and surf lesson needs!