Surfing Lessons in Los Angeles

Surfing Lessons Los AngelesWhether this will be your first time setting foot in the Pacific Ocean or you are a native who spends as much time in it as you can, surfing lessons Los Angeles visitors and surfers alike recommend may be just for you.

The passionate team at SoCal Surf & SUP are dedicated to the shaka surf lifestyle and to sharing it with others. We provide awesome surfing and paddleboarding lessons to all ages and skill levels with safety as a guiding factor for everything we do. We provide top notch gear to students as well rentals for people who are comfortable hitting the waves without the guidance of an instructor. 

Getting From the Sand to the Surf

We want everyone who tries surfing to not only enjoy it but to feel comfortable and confident while they are gaining the skills to be one of those happy people riding a wave along southern California’s beautiful coastline. The following are some practices we implement when we teach surf lessons as well as practical tips for beginning surfers:

  • Sand First Get comfortable on your board while on land before you hit the water. Many beginners find it helpful to practice the various maneuvers they will need to make in the water, first from the sand. 
  • Water Without Board If you do not have much experience with being in the ocean, many people find it helpful to get in the water without a board first, to get a feel for the waves and the currents without having to navigate them for the first time with a surfboard they are not yet comfortable on. 
  • Lie Down, Stand Up Get a feel for your board while you are on the sand. Lie down on it and get centered. Practice paddling to get a sense of the muscles you will need to engage with more strength when you are in the water. Practice “popping-up” to a standing position by placing your hands near your chest and grip the sides of your board before using a single, swift motion of pressing your arms against the board and tucking your legs and feet underneath you before you rise to a standing position.

To learn more about our awesome surfing lessons in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas and/or how to make an appointment, contact SoCal Surf & SUP today!